HIV and Health

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Sex should be great and fun. By getting educated, practicing safer sex and getting tested for STIs you can have sex anyway you wish. You can read more about sex, testing, and HIV/STIs at You can also read more about HIV in different languages at We are Survivors.


To test for HIV is free and you have the right to be anonymous. You can get a valid test result six weeks after you suspect that you were at risk of infection. When you get tested for an STI, Sexually Transmitted Infection, the health care personnel should ask you about your sexual practice. If they don’t you have to tell them in what area you were exposed; the anus/penis/vagina/throat, in order to get a valid result. You have the right to get tested for HIV, it is free and you have the right to be anonymous if you want.

If you are worried you can contact the health care! You can get tested at any health center in Västerbotten. If you are in Umeå you can get tested at STD-mottagningen. If you are young you can visit a youth clinic in Umeå, Skellefteå, Vännäs, or Lycksele, read more at UMO. When visiting Stockholm, Göteborg, or Malmö you can get a rapid hiv-test at RFSL.

Free condoms?

At our office we offer free condoms and lube together with out neighbors RFSU Umeå. You can also find information about sex and maybe answers to something you’ve been wondering about.

We also offer condoms and lube at the club Take Queer and hopefully soon at other places in Umeå as well.

So you want us to send you some condoms and lube in an anonymous envelope? E-mail your address to and we will fix it for you! If you are under 30 and living in Norrland you can also order from